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The business environment has reached limitless levels of connectivity in today’s rapidly growing age of technology. More than ever businesses and individuals are working globally and searching for opportunities around the world.

This global business arena demands consideration of all important factors simultaneously from local laws to the overall strategy. Being able to foresee potential tax implications, the creation of enforceable transactional contracts, the understanding of economic conditions and currency, and the accurate registration of businesses in multiple countries are all services an attorney experienced with international business law must provide.

Navigating Global Business with Expertise

Our attorneys’ experience navigating the governing laws can help simplify your global business. We provide a wide variety of services to our business clients both internationally and in the United States; including assistance and advice in the selection, design, formation and operation of business entities that best meet our client’s needs.

Estate Planning & Probate


Estate Planning

Estate planning is important at any age and for property of any value. Estate planning is comprised of several components, including personal and business wealth preservation, income and transfer (gift and estate) tax minimization, planning in case of death, physical injury or mental disability, asset protection, and probate avoidance.

Barbosa Legal’s attorneys can help you with estate planning to protect your personal well-being, and preserve your assets to pass on to your beneficiaries. Estate planning is a dynamic and evolving process that needs to be revised over time, due to life changing events (marriage, divorce, birth, death, etc.), changes in federal and state laws, tax laws, and others.


When a loved one dies, the details that need to be taken care of may be particularly overwhelming. Probate is a court-supervised legal procedure by which assets are collected, applied to pay debts, taxes, and expenses of administration, and distributed to those designated as beneficiaries in the will or under state law.

Our attorneys help handle these situations with our primary objectives are to preserve the estate and trust assets and minimize tax liabilities.


Fraud & Asset Recovery


Barbosa Legal provides international fraud and asset recovery services to victims of high-stakes massive international financial fraud. Our team possess vast experience in international fraud and asset recovery, employing our global network of attorneys, solicitors, investigators and consultants to search and secure assets for victims of international fraud schemes.

We handle high-profile international fraud cases in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, the Turks and Caicos, British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Honduras, Costa Rica, China, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. We also represent the Republics of Venezuela, China, and Honduras in fraud and asset-recovery actions.

*Provided in partnership with Diaz Reus & Targ, LLP and DRT Alliance

International Trade

Barbosa Legal provides opportunities to clients and their businesses to increase their profits, protect their assets, and reach their specific goals.

Our services are designed to help clients:

  • Expand into emerging markets

  • Identify the most suitable local partner

  • Eliminate costly litigation

  • Resolve debilitating government investigations

  • Protect their most important assets, proprietary rights and legacies, and thrive

We negotiate and draft successful contracts and agreements across diverse legal and cultural environments. From the US, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Far East, our attorneys structure sophisticated international contracts, legal structures and agreements, profitability, and security.

*Provided in partnership with Diaz Reus & Targ, LLP and DRT Alliance


Litigation & Arbitration


Barbosa Legal’s international litigators help resolve complex transnational business, contractual and commercial disputes in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Our international litigators successfully handle complex, multi-jurisdictional cases and parallel proceedings for noted multinational corporations such as Tyco International, Oracle, Fujitsu, the governments of China, Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador, and more.

Our broad commercial dispute, trial and arbitration experience brings our commercial clients and in-house corporate-counsel positive outcomes without wasted expense. Our commercial litigators work to resolve domestic and cross-border commercial disputes in finance, banking, energy, oil, utilities, manufacturing, customs, shipping, trade, construction, real estate, infrastructure and power-engineering, entertainment, and telecommunications.

*Provided in partnership with Diaz Reus & Targ, LLP and DRT Alliance

Occupational Crime,

Government Sanctions,

Investigations & Defense

Barbosa Legal’s criminal defense attorneys know occupational crime in depth—as former federal and state prosecutors and as defense counsel. Our noted criminal defense team achieves positive outcomes in high-profile cases for multinational corporations, businesspeople, professionals and government officials.

We also help U.S. companies, multinational corporations, and international financial institutions to comply with U.S. government and foreign government regulations at all levels, as well as to establish and maintain through corporate governance their global commercial operations compliant with banking and anti-money laundering regulations, OFAC, CAATSA, GLOMAG, Magnitsky and other sanctions programs.

*Provided in partnership with Diaz Reus & Targ, LLP and DRT Alliance


Regulatory & Corporate

Investigations, Governance

& Compliance


Barbosa Legal helps clients comply with U.S. government regulations at all levels and establish their global commercial operations compliance with banking and anti-money laundering regulations. We conduct due-diligence for our clients’ operations to determine potential money-laundering, terrorist finance, and corruption risks; and design and implement comprehensive prevention systems.

We offer litigation defense in civil and criminal forfeiture actions, as well as administrative prosecutions before all courts and regulatory or investigatory bodies in international and domestic jurisdictions.

*Provided in partnership with Diaz Reus & Targ, LLP and DRT Alliance


Dealing with taxing authorities can be very stressful and time consuming,­ often causing a disruption in your professional or personal life. Our firm will provide you with an effective course of action to resolve your tax problems while minimizing the stress by dealing with taxing authorities on your behalf.

Barbosa Legal represents individuals, businesses, and tax-exempt organizations in need of tax controversy assistance before the Internal Revenue Service, the Florida Department of Revenue, Florida Counties, and municipal taxing authorities. Our firm offers the resources and expertise to advise and guide our clients through all stages of the administrative process, from audit through administrative appeal, including litigating tax disputes in U.S. Tax Court and federal and state courts.

Tax Compliance and Controversies




Custom Designed Tax Planning Strategies

International Tax Planning

Individuals and corporations that live and/or operate in multiple countries are often subject to tax laws of multiple jurisdictions. A lack of international tax planning and misunderstanding as to how these laws interact with each other can leave assets and income subject to double-taxation, fines, and penalties.

Barbosa Legal tackles international tax planning by determining which tax laws are applicable to you and then designing the right strategies to best reduce the tax burden.

Taxation of Business Entities

Barbosa Legal advises business entities and individuals, ranging from start-up ventures to established international companies, in complex taxation matters. We focus on analyzing the various jurisdictions involved and guide clients towards the most effective strategies. Our advice can assist in the carrying out of business, obtaining financing, maintaining legal status, and creating a competitive advantage.

Pre-Immigration Tax Planning

Individuals relocating to the United States more often than not forget to consider the tax implications of becoming a U.S. resident. Certain transactions can be considered taxable in the United States even though sometimes the foreign home country does not tax the transaction. Unlike many countries, the worldwide income and assets of all US citizens and tax residents are subject to tax in the U.S. Additionally, even individuals who do not plan on permanently moving to the U.S. may still become a tax resident through physical presence.

Such individuals should seek competent tax advice and plan accordingly in order to minimize the tax consequences of an extended stay in the U.S. Pre-immigration tax planning can effectively reduce tax liability and avoid penalties related to tax evasion.

Barbosa Legal’s pre-immigration tax planning strategies will help you better foresee tax implications. Our pre-immigration tax planning methods are highly effective at helping you reduce your global tax burden when relocating yourself, your family, or your business to the U.S.


Title Insurance


Real estate buyers often overlook the history of the title of a property and may be at risk of obtaining a compromised title. Title insurance protects against claims by third parties that can jeopardize one’s property rights and provides security and peace of mind to owners of real property. Unlike conventional insurance that involves reoccurring fees, title insurance requires a one-time premium and the policy is in effect for the entire period of ownership.

As title agents, Barbosa Legal will facilitate and process all aspects of the title search and the closing to obtain title insurance for any type of real estate.

Barbosa Legal is an agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. We are trusted and certified by Secure Insight, putting our practices in compliance with industry standards for handling and protecting our clients’ sensitive, financial information.

Real Estate


Investors may find that investing in real estate in the United States can generate higher tax burdens or that problematic property titles can stall the purchase, finance, or sale process. Real estate representation considers all possible liabilities and impediments to making a successful investment.

Barbosa Legal provides customized and comprehensive residential and commercial real estate legal services to local and international investors in the U.S. We negotiate, structure, and analyze the full transaction from the signing of the contract to the closing of the transaction, be it residential or commercial, improved or unimproved land.


We ensure that our clients will not lose their considerable investment, due to fraud perpetrated by an unscrupulous seller, unsatisfied liens, third-party claims, or other issues that could compromise title and your legal rights over the property. Our team also specializes in Lender Representation, to assist banks and private lenders in all aspects of the origination, modification and closing of residential and commercial loans secured by interests in real estate.

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