Real Estate


Investors may find that investing in real estate in the United States can generate higher tax burdens or that problematic property titles can stall the purchase, finance, or sale process. Real estate representation considers all possible liabilities and impediments to making a successful investment.

Barbosa Legal provides customized and comprehensive residential and commercial real estate legal services to local and international investors in the U.S. We negotiate, structure, and analyze the full transaction from the signing of the contract to the closing of the transaction, be it residential or commercial, improved or unimproved land.


We ensure that our clients will not lose their considerable investment, due to fraud perpetrated by an unscrupulous seller, unsatisfied liens, third-party claims, or other issues that could compromise title and your legal rights over the property. Our team also specializes in Lender Representation, to assist banks and private lenders in all aspects of the origination, modification and closing of residential and commercial loans secured by interests in real estate.