Estate Planning & Probate


Estate Planning

Estate planning is important at any age and for property of any value. Estate planning is comprised of several components, including personal and business wealth preservation, income and transfer (gift and estate) tax minimization, planning in case of death, physical injury or mental disability, asset protection, and probate avoidance.

Barbosa Legal’s attorneys can help you with estate planning to protect your personal well-being, and preserve your assets to pass on to your beneficiaries. Estate planning is a dynamic and evolving process that needs to be revised over time, due to life changing events (marriage, divorce, birth, death, etc.), changes in federal and state laws, tax laws, and others.


When a loved one dies, the details that need to be taken care of may be particularly overwhelming. Probate is a court-supervised legal procedure by which assets are collected, applied to pay debts, taxes, and expenses of administration, and distributed to those designated as beneficiaries in the will or under state law.

Our attorneys help handle these situations with our primary objectives are to preserve the estate and trust assets and minimize tax liabilities.

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