Custom Designed Tax Planning Strategies

International Tax Planning

Individuals and corporations that live and/or operate in multiple countries are often subject to tax laws of multiple jurisdictions. A lack of international tax planning and misunderstanding as to how these laws interact with each other can leave assets and income subject to double-taxation, fines, and penalties.

Barbosa Legal tackles international tax planning by determining which tax laws are applicable to you and then designing the right strategies to best reduce the tax burden.

Taxation of Business Entities

Barbosa Legal advises business entities and individuals, ranging from start-up ventures to established international companies, in complex taxation matters. We focus on analyzing the various jurisdictions involved and guide clients towards the most effective strategies. Our advice can assist in the carrying out of business, obtaining financing, maintaining legal status, and creating a competitive advantage.

Pre-Immigration Tax Planning

Individuals relocating to the United States more often than not forget to consider the tax implications of becoming a U.S. resident. Certain transactions can be considered taxable in the United States even though sometimes the foreign home country does not tax the transaction. Unlike many countries, the worldwide income and assets of all US citizens and tax residents are subject to tax in the U.S. Additionally, even individuals who do not plan on permanently moving to the U.S. may still become a tax resident through physical presence.

Such individuals should seek competent tax advice and plan accordingly in order to minimize the tax consequences of an extended stay in the U.S. Pre-immigration tax planning can effectively reduce tax liability and avoid penalties related to tax evasion.

Barbosa Legal’s pre-immigration tax planning strategies will help you better foresee tax implications. Our pre-immigration tax planning methods are highly effective at helping you reduce your global tax burden when relocating yourself, your family, or your business to the U.S.