Julio Barbosa has published several articles, in English, Portuguese and Spanish, in academic magazines, business journals, and newspapers. In addition to the columns regularly published in The International Law Quarterly, his latest publications are:

julio-barbosa-legal-qual-imovel-15Quanto pagar de tributos na venda de imóveis nos EUA? [How much in taxes are paid on the sale of US Real Estate?] Qual Imóvel USA, Ed. 15, pp. 22-23

qual-usa-12-julio-barbosa-legal-miami-beachTudo que Você Sempre Quis Saber Sobre a Compra de Imóveis Nos Eua em 10 Perguntas [Everything you always wanted to know about purchasing real estate in Florida answered in 10 questions] Qual Imóvel USA, Ed. 12, pp. 54-55 (March-April 2015)

qual-usa-10-julio-barbosa-legal-miami-beachAS INFORMAÇÕES OBRIGATÓRIAS NA VENDA DE APARTAMENTOS NA FLÓRIDA [Commercial lease agreements in Florida] Qual Imóvel USA, Ed. 10, pp. 62-63 (November-December 2014)

qual-usa-8-julio-barbosa-legal-miami-beachLocação Residencial na Flórida: Direitos e Deveres de Inquilinos e Proprietários [Residential lease agreements in Florida: rights and obligations of tenants and landlords] Qual Imóvel USA, Ed. 8, pp. 44-45 (June-July 2014)

qual-usa-4-julio-barbosa-legal-miami-beachO Processo para a Aquisição de Lançamentos Imobiliários na Flórida [Purchashing new residential real estate developments in Florida] Qual Imóvel USA, Ed.6, pp. 40-41 (February – March 2014)

qual-usa-3-julio-barbosa-legal-miami-beach Imóveis para Investimento na Flórida: Tributação dos Aluguéis e Obrigações do Proprietário [Investment real estate in Florida: Taxation of rental income and landlord’s duties], Ed. 3, pp. 46-47 (August-September 2013)

qual-usa-1-julio-barbosa-legal-miami-beach Qual a Melhor Estrutura para Comprar um Imóvel nos USA [How to purchase real estate in Florida], Qual Imóvel USA, Ed. 1, pp. 48-49 (April-May 2013).

international-law-quarterly-n-4-julio-barbosa-legal-miamiArgentina is Censured by IMF for Economic Data, The International Law Quarterly, Vol. XXX, No. 4, pp. 11-12 (Russia Issue 2013)

international-law-quarterly-n-2-2012-julio-barbosa-legal-miami Argentina Issues New Regulations on Repatriation of Foreign Direct Investment, The International Law Quarterly, Vol. XXX, No. 1, pp. 15 (Winter 2012)

southwest-journal-of-law-and-trade-julio-barbosa-legal-miami Arbitration Law in Brazil: An Inevitable Reality, Southwestern Journal of Law and Trade in the Americas, Volume IX, Number 1, pp. 131-148, (2002-2003).

julio barbosa legal qual imovel 13Tributação de Investimentos Estrangeiros em Imóveis [Taxation of foreign real estate investments in the United States.] Qual Imóvel USA, Ed. 13, pp. 36-37 (May-June 2015)
qual-usa-11-julio-barbosa-legal-miami-beachPara Onde Vai o Depósito em Escrow Quando Compro um Imóvel? [Where does my money go when I deposit it in escrow?] Qual Imóvel USA, Ed. 11, pp. 62-63 (January-February 2015)
qual-usa-9-julio-barbosa-legal-miami-beachO Contrato de Locação Comercial na Flórida [Commercial lease agreements in Florida] Qual Imóvel USA, Ed. 13, pp. 54-55 (September-October 2014)
qual-usa-7-julio-barbosa-legal-miami-beachO Visto EB-5 ou Como se tornar um Residente Permanente dos EUA através de Investimento Direto [The EB5 visa or how to become a US permanent resident through direct investment] Qual Imóvel USA, Ed. 7, pp. 44-45 (April-May 2014)

qual-usa-4-julio-barbosa-legal-miami-beach A Regra dos 183 dias ou Como se Tornar um Contribuinte Involuntário nos USA e Arcar com Conseqüências Tributárias Desastrosas [The 183-day rule or how to inadvertently become a tax payer in the USA and dealing with the disastrous tax consequences], Qual Imóvel USA, Ed. 4, pp. 46-47 (October-November, 2014)

qual-usa-2-julio-barbosa-legal-miami-beach O Processo de Compra e Venda de Imóveis da Flórida [Purchase and Sale of real estate in Florida], Qual Imóvel USA, Ed. 2, pp. 40-41 (June-July 2013)

international-law-quarterly-n-3-julio-barbosa-legal-miami Paraguay Suspended from Mercosur, Venezuela Admitted, The International Law Quarterly, Vol. XXX, No. 3, pp. 9 (Special NAFTA Issue)

international-law-quarterly-n-2-spring-2012-julio-barbosa-legal-miami Argentina Nationalizes YPF, the country’s largest oil company, The International Law Quarterly, Vol. XXX. No. 2, pp. 12-13 (Spring 2012)

international-law-quarterly-n-4-2011-julio-barbosa-legal-miamiThe Painful (and Taxing) Realities of Doing Business in Brazil, The International Law Quarterly, Vol. XXIX. No. 4, pp. 31-39 (Fall 2011)