Business & Corporate Transactions

Business & Corporate Transactions

Barbosa Legal provides a wide variety of services to its business clients both internationally and in the United States, including assistance in selecting and structuring the type of organizational entity that bests meets the business’ needs and focusing on integrating both local and foreign regulations to ensure compliance with domestic and foreign requirements.

International Business Law

The new age of technology and the level of connectivity afforded to us by the Internet today have reshaped the business environment. More than ever businesses and individuals are working globally and searching for business opportunities that present themselves in other parts of the world.

There are many factors, one should consider when working in the global business arena. A multinational business should consider all of the local laws simultaneously with the overall strategy. Being able to foresee potential tax implications, the ability to create enforceable transactional contracts, the understanding of economic conditions and currency, and the ability to accurately register businesses in multiple countries are services an attorney experienced with international business law can provide.

A profound analysis of the current economic landscape paired with experience navigating the governing laws is how an international business lawyer can simplify global business.